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The Greek Language is one that is not very easy to learn. With it’s own alphabet, and the fact that many words can be broken down or changed to change meaning, it can be quite difficult at the beginning to understand.

However, one thing that the Greek really appreciate is when visitors make an attempt to speak the language. Though you may make mistakes with words or pronunciation, the Greeks should still be able to get the meaning of what you are trying to say. They may answer back in English, as often happens, but the fact that you attempted to speak Greek will be something that they will all appreciate and respect.

Below we have compiled a section of useful phrases and words that you may use during your holidays in Greece. The English is on the left, with the Greek on thr right (not in fact Greek, but the way to say specific phrases in greek with English letters used for spelling to make them easier to understand.) The stress of the word is where you see the BOLD letters.

Some Notes:

For ease of use with the phrases and words below, please note the following….

The pronunciation of, for example, gia is “Yia”. The letter “G” has the sound of the letter “Y”.

The pronunciation of, for example, dromos is “Thromos”. The letter “D” (Delta) has the sound of the letters “TH” (such as there, mother ).

How Much? Poso Kani?
How are you? Ti Kanis?
I am Fine Ime Kala / Kala
What is your name? Pos se lene?
We would like a room for two people Tha ithela ena domatio gia dio atoma
With Double Bed Me diplo Krevati
With a shower Me dous
Speak slower please Parakalo mila pio siga
I don’t Know Den Xero
Let’s Go Pame
The bill please To logariasmo Parakalo
So and So Esti ke etsi
How many Hours ? Poses Ores
Where are you going? Pou Pas
The Road to . . . O Dromos gia . .
What time is it? Ti Ora Ine
A Ticket to . . . Ena Isitirio gia .
Excuse me, do you speak English? Parakalo mipos milate Aglika
I don’t speak Greek Den Milao Elinika
I don’t Understand Den Katalaveno
Can I see ? – Boro na do
I am going to . . .. Pigeno gia . .
Do you have? Ehete
I am Lost Hathika
I am ill Ime arostos
I will buy this one Tha agoraso afto

General Words

Yes Ne
No Ohi
Please Parakalo
Ok Endaxi
Thank you Efharisto
Today Simera
Tomorrow Avrio
Yesterday Hthes
This one Afto
Good Kalo
Now Tora
Later Argotera
Open Anihto
Closed Klisto
Big Megalo
Small Mikro
Cheap Ftino
Expensive Akrivo
Mr Kyrios
Mrs Kyria
Miss Despinis
Mother Mitera
Father Pateras
Friend Filos
Bakery Fournos
Pharmacy Farmakio
Post Office Tahidromio
Stamps Gramatosima
Bank Trapeza
Days of the week
Monday Deftera
Tuesday Triti
Wednesday Tetarti
Thursday Pempti
Friday Paraskevi
Saturday Savato
Sunday Kyriaki
Months of the year
January Ianouarios
February Fevrouarios
March Martios
April Aprilios
May Maios
June Iounios
July Ioulios
August Avgoustos
September Septemvrios
October Oktovrios
November Noemvrios
December Dekemvrios
Season of the year
Summer Kalokeri
Autumn Fthinoporo
Winter Himonas
Spring Anixi


One Ena Sixteen Deka Exi
Two Dio Seventeen Deka Epta
Three Tria Eighteen Deka Okto
Four Tessera Nine teen Deka Enea
Five Pende Twenty Ikosi
Six Exi Thirty Triada
Seven Epta Forty Sarada
Eight Okto Fifty Penida
Nine Enea Sixty Exida
Ten Deka Seventy Evdomida
Eleven Edeka Eighty Ogdonda
Twelve Dodeka Ninety Eneninda
Thirteen Deka Tria Hundred Ekato
Fourteen Deka Tessera Thousands Hiliades
Fifteen Deka Pende Million Ekatomiria