Cocktails & drinks at Gloria Maris pool bar

Come and join us on our pool bar and get along with our Greek barman Panagiotis. Panagiotis has a lively open personality and he is just fun to be around. Panagiotis will prepare for you a great variety of alcoholic and non alcoholic cocktails. Our prices are always reasonable as we are well aware that money those days are at a short. Pangiotis great advantage is that he has a creative nature I respect of creating and serving cocktails. Sometimes gives the impression or reminds you just a little Tom Cruise on the movie cocktails and dreams.

If you want to relax and enjoy privacy and romantic atmosphere then we think that you should take your drink on “Bay View” tavern where you can enjoy a magnificent view of Marathonsi Island. There our friendly staff will serve your drinks.

Other great spot for a relax night is the “Balcony” café. In our little café area you can be with your partner or your friends and enjoy the lovely scenery, viewing the Marathonisi Island. It’s an ideal place to have a relaxed conversation and a great opportunity to discuss your next day.

Greek night

As you are well aware Greek people know how to have fun. Greeks like to enjoy their life to its fullest and worry as less as possible. One of the most well known words that they use in their everyday life is “den pirazi” which mean never mind. So the one thing that Greek people know very well is to have good time and plenty of Greek food around.

So that’s exactly what we do here in Gloria Maris Hotel Suites & Villas & suites, we enjoy with our guest a Greek night with plenty of Greek food, Greek dancing and of course Greek music. Come and join us!

Gloria Maris beach party

You shouldn’t miss our beach parties. During the summer we offer a variety of beaches parties. The theme of the night always varies. Some of our parties are based on Moon (full moon parties), others on the best D.J’s that are available on the island and some times we create our little party…

Music of the world

Entertainment at Gloria Maris Hotel Suites & Villas doesn’t stop here…We do offer during the week live music program performed by Nikos & Thanasis. The music can vary, we offer Blues, Rock, Jazz or even Reggae nights in our pool bar. For more information ask in our reception desk!